You be surprised!

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...The momentum of surprise in Live-Action-Roleplaying

In Live-action-Roleplaying (L.A.R.P), the momentum of surprise will oftenly be used to play out and control (combat) situations where one party is outnumbered or the other is superior!
Isn't this good advice?! ;-)

So, when you come back to one of the pages here where you can raise your skills, you're gonna be surprised one time. So be prepared and decide wisely, which skills you want to train.

You have been warned.

Life-Action roleplaying timetable

Important Events:

Important Location:

Imortant people:


Scheinbar ist dieses Jahr ein Fass eplodiert nachdem i hier scho' mei Deilnahme hob festgelegt, ge... ötz hams aber nachgebessert. Aufgruckt sans! Obacht sehrif.

Current News

  • The pre-sale of tickets to the Conquest of Mythodea is going to start in 2 days (as per 20th Aug 2018). Be sure to check out the prices! From experience, i must say the prices go up a little (and not little!) during the round year, which lets you save about 50% when you planned to book now.!
  • Name: S. Paladine Cadreigh!
  • Elderness*: 58
  • Dexterity: 171
  • Intelligence: 100
  • Strength: 58

You are surprised by the sudden ability to move on an arcane plane, probably one of high level.

*: Age, "Level". The word yet originally emerges from the Name of a Plant! Go To The Wizard's Magical, Alchemical Library in order to look it up or even do more research!

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