Padraig Celestine Maewyn, born about 471 right into the middle-age.

Today: a Life-Action-Roleplay-Character!

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first goblin you did not see!Goblins are little, green and very fantastic. It is my main business to decide goblin tribes and territory from a land.


Play the oldest of this world's goblin-themed games (a tower defense) here (for free! :-)

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  • The newest goblin TD ... this time using HTML5 Technology which might only work in firefox. Check the game out!!
  • Goblin Puzzle Alarm!

    This is most simple, you just have to click on the images and keep the field clear. Good Luck & Have Fun! ;-)

    Go to Goblin Puzzlalarm!

  • Goblin Wave Escape

    This is another very simple game: You have to click away the black spots; but when you click on one while the 'wave' is present on the same field as well you go game over. Good Luck!

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Scheinbar ist dieses Jahr ein Fass eplodiert nachdem i hier scho' mei Deilnahme hob festgelegt, ge... ötz hams aber nachgebessert. Aufgruckt sans! Obacht sehrif.

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  • The pre-sale of tickets to the Conquest of Mythodea is going to start in 2 days (as per 20th Aug 2018). Be sure to check out the prices! From experience, i must say the prices go up a little (and not little!) during the round year, which lets you save about 50% when you planned to book now.!
  • Name: S. Paladine Cadreigh!
  • Elderness (Age): 58
  • Dexterity: 171
  • Intelligence: 100
  • Strength: 58

You are surprised by the sudden ability to move on an arcane plane, probably one of high level.